Jorah Durgess

Captain of the City Guard


Jorah Durgess (38) used to be a prominent face of the criminal underworld, until caught red handed supplying a shipment of Drift, a violently addictive drug, to a rogue ship of Cloudracers. His sentence, originally set for 25 years in prison, was amended if he pledged his service and his expertise to the Machinist Army. Now, he fights for personal retribution and works to protect Nyxtros from criminals and malfeasance. Youngest Captain of the City guard ever recorded, he has truly cleaned up the city of Nyxtros—particularly in regards to the rampant drug problem involving Drift. He has no children, and is currently a very eligible bachelor. He has an extreme prejudice against Elven-kind and the people of the woods, rumored to stem from an incidence that happened in childhood.


Jorah Durgess

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