Conor D'Orion

Knight in Machinist Army, Paladin Sworn to Avenge


Conor (27) was merely a newborn when his family left Veil for Nyxtros in 1705. He never knew his parents and was raised by his Eldest Brother, Jonathan D’Orion II (40). Recently promoted to Knight, Conor shows extreme promise in the Machinist Army. He has a particular gift with holy magic, deriving from his desire to avenge the family he never knew. He feels it is his sole purpose in life to eradicate the Gunners avenge what they stole from him. Unlike his Paladin brother, Andre (37), Conor believes in utilizing any means necessary to exact his vengeance and better the greater good for all of Elaindre. Conor is engaged to Artemis Lockberry (23), niece of the Elder Scribe Drea Lockberry.


Conor D'Orion

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