Artemis Lockberry

Half-Elf Ranger, Betrothed to Conor


Artemis (23) is a ranger with distinctly elven features–a trait that tends to alienate her from any human civilization. Her aunt, Elder Scribe Drea Lockberry (67) of the Machinist Army, took her in at a young age and raised her as her own, alongside her own son Thraben (30). Artemis is a truly gifted archer, a dying form of combat as more and more innovations from the Inventor’s Guild come to life. Shown to Nadine in the Pool of Yvrae, Artemis’ destiny is somehow intertwined with Nadines, the vision depicting her chasing a glowing white orb through the city streets at night. She is recently engaged to Conor D’Orion, the youngest of the D’Orion family.


Artemis Lockberry

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