Andre D'Orion

Paladin in Machinist Army


Andre D’Orion (37) is the middle brother of the D’Orion family, and a gifted fighter and healer. In 1705, the start of the Vordaine War, he fled from Dominare to Nyxtros with his brothers and parents when Gunners took hold of the capital city, Veil. Even in childhood, Andre was fascinated by the Acolytes of the Forge, and enrolled in school to learn their teachings. After the war took hold, he felt his calling shift to the Machinist Army—like his old brother, Jonathan, and his twin brother, Jacob. He left the church to pursue his hopes of becoming a Machinist Paladin. He is married to Persephone D’Orion (29), and has one child, Emma D’Orion (5). He recently has exhibited symptoms of severe anxiety, which Conor has mentioned might be tied to the date…


Andre D'Orion

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